Horse Polo

Practice Information

During the season, we board and ride at the Bennett Arena in Troy, ID. This facility gives us a great riding space and place to keep our ponies! It is about a 35-minute drive from Pullman!

In our busy season (September and October), we have practices four times a week. Although none of our practices are required - there are requirements for eligibility to compete in JV and Varsity games. Varsity must attend 75% of practices and JV must attend 50% of practices to be game eligible. This attendance record for games is important - we do not want to put anyone into a game without the knowledge of how to play and how to do so safely.

As weather changes so will our practice schedule - we do have an indoor arena for winter practices and will use that as soon as our outdoor becomes unrideable. With that being said there will be fewer practices available per member due to the indoor arena’s smaller size, and the number of people with four-wheel drive cars.  

*Having a car is not required to be on this team. We will be carpooling to every practice!*