Horse Polo

Welcome to the WSU Horse Polo Club


About Us

We are a coed sport club at WSU. We play competitively against other intercollegiate teams in 3 vs. 3 arena polo matches. Our team consists of a Women’s varsity, a Men’s varsity, and a coed JV team. We welcome members of all levels of horse experience. Our mission is to teach new members how to become better horseman, have fun, and to learn the game of polo.


There is no previous polo or horse experience required to join the club. In fact, 20% of our members come on to the team with zero horse experience, and 100% of our current members have never played polo before college. We have horses of different levels and will make sure everyone is matched with the proper horse. The season starts in September and runs through the first week of April. If you'd like to get in contact with the club about joining, or if you would just like to know more information, please contact us at

 Cost of Joining

The cost of joining is $800 for the entire year of membership - it is important to note that joining this team is a WHOLE year commitment. We have many payment options for this team; the payment can be made in full at the beginning of the year, $400 each semester, or $100 every month. Although this amount might seem high at first glance it is much less expensive in comparison to owning a horse or leasing a horse yourself. Members are also required to split the cost of gas for transportation. Our dues pay for eight horses board, feed, farrier, vet bills, and competition fees. Other costs that may be incurred are:

  • Buying team gear (optional).
  • Riding apparel such as closed toed heeled shoes (required)
  • I highly recommend ariat paddock boots with half chaps or ariat field boots - if they are too expensive new, there are many free and for sale pages that have good deals on used boots; as well as, past and current members that will sell their old boots and half chaps for a greatly reduced cost.
  • Buying a riding helmet - though not required, is strongly encouraged. We supply team helmets, but you are more than welcome to use your own riding helmet as well as eye protection.
  • Those selected to play on varsity are required to pay an additional 50$ fee to USPA every year (the first year on varsity is free). Varsity is required to purchase and play in white pants and a WSU jersey. Varsity members may also be required to pay for transportation to regionals in California.

 2019 Officers:

President: Kelsey Tootill

Vice President: Cherise Hoagland

Treasurer: Olivia Young

Secretary: Hannah Thom

Public relations: Alex Wong

Horse Manager: Emily Davie

Assistant Horse Manager: Bella Rennert